If you want donors to choose a specific purpose or fund for their gift within your campaign you can set up Gift Designation choices on your donation page. Follow these steps to add a new Gift Designation choice to your donation pages. 

Add a new Gift Designation to a campaign

    1. Login to https://4agc.com as a Nonprofit User.
    2. Click on Campaigns on the left menu.
    3. Click the Menu icon on the right for the campaign you need to edit.
    4. Select Edit from the menu. 
    5. Click the Donation Page tab.
    6. Scroll down to the Gift Designation section.
    7. In the open box start typing your new Gift Designation. The form has an auto-complete function so if you've ever entered this gift designation choice before you'll see it appear below the box. If it does click the name. If not finish your typing your new gift designation and click the Add button. 
    8. Once added you can select it with your mouse to reorder it in your list. 
    9. Scroll down and click Update Donation Page to apply your changes. 

Please note: Two designations must be entered and selected for the drop-down menu of choices to show up on your donation page. 

Add a Gift Designation to your global list

You can keep a global list of your Gift Designations. The choices in this list appear in all your campaigns as gift designation options. Being in this global list does not mean the choice is added to your donation page. Designations must be applied to a campaign to appear. (see above). 

To add a Gift Designation to this global list please follow these steps.

  1. Login to https://4agc.com as a Nonprofit User.
  2. Click on Settings on the left menu.
  3. Click on Gift Designations on the left menu. 
  4. Click Create Gift Designation on the right.
  5. Enter your new designation in the box
  6. Click Create Gift Designation button to save your entry.