4aGoodCause uses a transactional email service, SendGrid, to send donation receipts, alerts, and other emails on your behalf. 

To improve your deliverability, SendGrid automatically adds sender identification (authentication) to the emails. This identifies who is sending the email and helps protect email senders and their recipients from spam, forgery, and phishing. Authentication helps email providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail understand where the email is originating from.  

By default, when a donor receives a donation receipt, they will see the From Email Address you enter into your campaign combined with a "via 4agoodcause.com" tag. An example of sender identification might be "donations@yourdomain.org via 4agoodcause.com".

If you have specific settings on your email domain to not allow emails to be sent on your behalf by a third party (DMARC policy) or if you'd like to remove the “via” or “sent on behalf of” message that your recipients see when they read your emails you'll need to authenticate your domain.

Authentication will give our email provider permission to identify your receipts as coming directly from you and the "via 4agoodcause.com" tag will be removed for all receipts coming from your domain. 

To authenticate your domain, you'll need to make a few changes in your domain's DNS records, so you will probably want to ask your website manager or domain registrar for help. To have your email domain authenticated with our email provider please contact us at support@4agoodcause.com to receive instructions to give to your website manager or domain registrar. 

Short of authenticating your whole domain, you can also verify a single sender email with SendGrid, a single email address you would like to use as a From Email Address. This will not remove the "via 4agoodcause.com" identifier but does give SendGrid explicit permission to send emails on your behalf.  If you want to verify a single email address as a sender of receipts in 4aGoodCause please contact us at support@4agoodcause.com for instructions.