If you are a donor who gives monthly to a nonprofit that uses 4aGoodCause, and you need to update or cancel your monthly gift, you can make those changes via your donor account. You can use this account to update your payment method or the amount you give each month. You may also cancel your gift, if needed.   

Follow the steps below to access your donor account and update your monthly gift. 

  1. Visit the donor portal for the nonprofit you give to. Each nonprofit has its own donor portal. You can find this website via a link at the bottom of your donation receipts or from the Log In link at the top of the nonprofit's donation page. If you cannot find the donor portal for a particular nonprofit reach out to support@4agoodcause.com.
  2. Once there, please enter your email address and password to log in or create an account if you are new to the donor portal.  
  3. Once logged in click Donations. Your recurring gifts will be listed at the top of this page.  
  4. Click the recurring gift you wish to update. 
  5. Click Edit Donation
  6. If you need to change your giving amount enter the new amount and click Update Amount
  7. If you need to change your credit card enter the new details and click Save Card
  8. If you need to change your banking information enter the new details and click Save Bank Account.
  9.  If you need to cancel your gift, click Cancel Subscription. Then click Continue with Cancellation. Then click the red Cancel Subscription button. Please consider downgrading your gift in lieu of canceling.  

If you have any trouble, have questions, or need to update other aspects of your monthly donation (like your mailing address for example) reach out to the nonprofit directly. You can find contact information in the footer of the donor account for the box labeled "Have questions or need help?". The nonprofit will be able to update your monthly giving profile.