When you enable two or more gift designations on your donation page they will appear on that page in a drop-down menu choice for the donor.  

If you want to give the donor that same donation page with only one of those choices "locked in" or "pre-selected" you can do that. You might do this to give a special donation page URL just for one gift designation in lieu of creating a whole separate campaign for that one gift designation.

To find direct link donation page URLs for each of the gift designations enabled on your campaigns follow these steps.  

  1. Login to https://4agc.com as a Nonprofit User.
  2. Click on Campaigns on the left menu.
  3. You will be presented with a list of your current campaigns. 
  4. Click the Menu icon on the right for the campaign you need to view.
  5. Select Edit from the menu. 
  6. Click the Donation Page tab.
  7. Click the blue header labeled Gift Designation. This will reveal unique URLs for each of your gift designations.