Radar is a service provided by Stripe to help protect your payment processing from fraud. 

Radar is a machine learning detection algorithm that identifies fraudulent activity on payments that take place on Stripe’s platform. It sits unseen in the background, quietly reviewing every transaction for signs of fraud and provides real-time scoring for every incoming payment based on thousands of signals. Radar uses its experience in processing millions of transactions to recognize when a transaction might be suspicious. 

It is meant to be a "smarter" way to review cards for potential fraud with fewer rejections of legitimate cards that should be processed. This service is offered on all Stripe accounts and comes with pre-built rules for address verification, CVV verification, and risk scores that denote a potential fraud issue.

There is no additional cost for Radar. 

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What is Radar for Fraud Teams?

Stripe also offers an additional paid service that allows you to manage how Radar works. 

Radar for Fraud Teams helps you fine-tune how Radar operates, get fraud insights on suspicious charges, and assess your fraud management performance from a unified dashboard. Radar for Fraud Teams allows you to create your own custom fraud rules or adjust your risk tolerance. For instance, you might want to block payments from a particular country or a type of card. Radar for Fraud Teams allows you to set rules that work for you. 

Radar for Fraud Teams costs an additional $0.07 per transaction.

We recommend Radar for Fraud Teams for any nonprofit that wishes to more closely track its fraud risks and actively take action when confronted with fraud. 

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