Each constituent has his or her own profile in your CRM which is where you store everything you know about that person. This includes basic contact info, giving history, notes, and much more. Below is an overview of that profile. 



Name and avatar

If we get a match on our social media insights we can show you a picture of your contact, their age range, and their gender. If we do not get a match the avatar will be their initials. 

Social media links

If we get a match on our social media insights we can show you links to your contact's social media pages. If we do not get a match this will not appear. 

Giving statistics

How much this donor has given this year, in their lifetime and on average with your organization.  

Giving activity

A list of the donations and registrations made to your organization. 


Your recorded notes of interactions with your contact. 

Delete button

Click to delete the contact.


Add Donation button

Click to add a donation associated with this contact. 



Apply attributes to your contacts to associate them into groups. 

Contact Info

Maintain basic contact information on your contacts such as an address, email, and phone numbers. 

Personal Info

Track the employer, job title and birthday of your contact. 


Create connections between contacts under relationships. 

More Info 

Where you can track any custom information you wish to track on your contacts.