You can configure the email thank you messages donors receive inside each of your campaigns. 

If you need to make changes to an email receipt follow these steps.

  1. Login to as a Nonprofit User.
  2. Click on Campaigns on the left menu. 
  3. You will be presented with a list of your current campaigns. 
  4. Click the Menu icon on the right for the campaign you need to edit.
  5. Select Edit from the menu. 
  6. Click the Notifications tab.
  7. Your receipt(s) are found under the NOTIFICATIONS TO THE DONOR section. 
  8. You can edit the From email address if needed. This should be a corporate email, not a personal email such as Gmail or Hotmail. 
  9. Choose the receipt you need to update. There will be choices based on your campaign type. Donation: Thank you email message is the message that goes to the donor after a donation is made from a donation page. Donation: Recurring Donor notification is an optional message that can go to monthly donors for donations processed automatically each month. Event: Thank you email message is the message donors receive after an event order. 
  10. Once you have made your changes scroll down and click Update Notifications to apply your changes.