If you need to make changes to the thank you messages that load into your Print Acknowledgment Letters follow these steps. Each letter pulls a thank you message from the campaign of the transaction being acknowledged. 

  1. Login to https://4agc.com as a Nonprofit User.
  2. Click on Campaigns on the left menu. 
  3. You will be presented with a list of your current campaigns. 
  4. Click the Menu icon on the right for the campaign you need to edit.
  5. Select Edit from the menu. 
  6. Click the Notifications tab.
  7. Your message(s) are found under the NOTIFICATIONS TO THE DONOR section. 
  8. Scroll down to Print Thank You Letters.
  9. Check the Print thank you letters enabled box.
  10. Choose the message you need to update. There will be choices based on your campaign type. Donation: Thank you letter message is the message for the letter your donors receive after a donation. Event: Thank you letter message is the message for the letter your donors receive after an event order. 
  11. Once you have made your changes scroll down and click Update Notifications to apply your changes. 

Notes and best practices

  • It is recommended that you keep your thank you message to about 15-20 lines of content. This will help output your letter as a one-page document. 
  • You do not have to address the donor in the thank you message. Dear [First Name] will automatically be included. 
  • If you plan to physically sign the letter after printing leave room for that. 
  • Include a statement of tax deductibility such as "No goods or services were received in exchange for this donation and your contribution is entirely tax-deductible as allowed by law."
  • The letter will automatically append a record of the transaction to the end of your thank you message. 

View a sample letter