If you want your monthly donors to receive an email receipt each month as their donation is processed use the following guide to configure that receipt. If your monthly donor enrolls online they will get an initial email receipt and thank you. This guide covers setting up additional email receipts that go out automatically each month for subsequent monthly donations.

Sending this email receipt is optional.

Some of our nonprofits like to send their donors a thank you message each month. They use it as a monthly touch point to to say thanks. Others choose not to send it as they are doing other regular communications with monthly donors and do not wish to overwhelm their donors with email.  

Please note:

We will append a record of the gift to the thank you message you configure. Configure your message on each campaign that should send this thank you to a monthly donor. Monthly donations from donors not assigned to a campaign will not receive a thank you email.  

Watch this short video on how to configure this email receipt.