landing page is defined in the marketing realm as a standalone web page that is separate from your main site. They are designed to promote a focused objective when used by nonprofits– either converting visitors into donors or making an easy pathway for visitors to sign up for an event. 

You can enable a landing page on any 4aGoodCause fundraising campaign. You will enable this page when you are creating a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaign but you can add it later to any campaign type.

A landing page is separate from your donation page or event registration page and can promote your campaign, show how much has been raised versus your goal and allow supporters to join the campaign by creating fundraising pages on your behalf. It is a destination page for your campaign that allows you to tell the story of why donors should give. It then leads donors into donating or registering.  

The primary call-to-action buttons on a 4aGoodCause landing page are:

  • If you’re fundraising - “Donate Now
  • If you’re promoting an event - “Register Now
  • If you're recruiting peer-to-peer fundraisers - “Become a Fundraiser


Example page: